What Racing Gears You Need For Go-kart Racing?

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Go kart racing is tailor-made for the motor-racing lovers. Go kart racing is the most accessible form of motor racing available for people. No matter you want to play the sport for fun or as a hobby you need to ensure proper safety measures. To get more detail about racing gears you can visit https://sportsblue.com.au/.

What Racing Gears You Need For Go-kart Racing?

The reason behind this is the speed of the car. During go-kart racing, the speed of kart can reach up to 150mph. On such a high-speed, any unfortunate accident can easily cause life-threatening injuries. Without wearing appropriate safety gears, you cannot even practice the sport.

You will find hundreds of sports shops Melbourne which sell a variety of go-kart racing gears. You might get confused which gear is necessary and which is not. Here is the list of essential racing gears you need for go-kart racing:


The helmet is the most important gear for motor racing. Even for practicing at your go-kart racing club you have to wear it. The helmet provides the safety to head and neck from the impact. You must purchase helmet made of high-quality material.

If you are purchasing cheaper fiberglass helmet it will provide less security against impact whereas carbon fiber helmet provides greater protection against impact.         

Racing suit

Go kart race suits are made of the flame resistant material. The racing suit provides the protection to the athlete against burns in case of an accident. Racing suits are designed to reduce the impact and pressure on the body of the athlete during racing. You must purchase high-quality, lightweight go-kart racing suits which offer more comfort and greater protection.

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